Diving. Is it really the players fault? I will give the alternate view to diving in this article.

Who is the first player that comes to mind when you mention diving? Luis Suarez? Cristiano Ronaldo? Ashley Young?

For me the FA is to blame for diving. If they really wanted it to stop, they could. But while a yellow card is the minimum a player will get, they seem happy to take the risk. The fans don’t like it, and blame the foreign players. But often enough the British players do dive, such as Ashley Young. But for me unless the FA make a change, diving will be a common occurrence in the Premier League. For me the FA need to take retrospective punishment whether the referee says he see’s it or not. Keep the yellow card, but then the FA should study the footage and hand out a ban, if the player is adjudged to have dived.

For me diving needs to stamped out. It is cheating. It’s the same as a handball on the line, but instead of saving a goal they are trying to earn a goal, but yet you would get a straight red and a three match ban if you made a hand ball on the line. So for me the FA need to hand out three match bans to all players guilty of diving, if diving is not going to continue every week in the premier league. FA take action NOW.