It was the first game of last season. Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens. Peyton throwing seven touchdowns as Denver romped home 49-27. It was at this moment I fell in love with the Denver Broncos and I fell in love with american football.

The reason I enjoy watching the sport is that I love the big hits but I also love the precise passing from the team’s star man, the quarterback. It may last three hours, but that’s surely a good thing. The more the better? And when a game gets close you are on the edge of your seat waiting for the decisive interception or touchdown.

After enjoying the 2013 NFL season so much I decided to find somewhere to play, so I looked on the internet and found Leeds Academy of American Football. I decided to go down to one of the half term camps, and enjoyed it so much I decided to go to the Saturday morning club, which really helped me develop my skills in many different positions. American football is now one of my favourite sports.

I think this is a great sport for young people to take up as you can learn a new, exciting sport and have lots of fun while doing it. If you aren’t sure about contact you can try flag football, a very enjoyable non-contact version of the game, or if you can’t wait to smash people you can play full contact football. And if ever there was a sport to release your anger this is it.

So why not give it a go?

By Thomas Ritchie