After a thrilling game against Hunslet Nelson (report to follow), which Methley won by one wicket, tempers boiled  in the home dressing home. Methley struggled to chase down a relatively low target of 161, and many of Methley’s unpaid players were unhappy with the situation. Just to set the context, most of Methley’s players get paid, which can lead to a lot of tension in the ranks at this level. So when one unpaid player says he won’t play next week at tea due to the way he is treated, senior figures in the camp were clearly distracted as they couldn’t manage scores of any significance in the chase. And after the winning runs were hit, which should have been a time of jubilation in the home dressing room, certain players were effing and blinding at each other, with everyone within earshot able to hear, and see when the finger pointing and aggression increased. Now, despite defeat Hunslet, after putting up a brave display, took defeat on the chin and looked back on their effort with pride, albeit a tinge of disappointment. I have to say, the Methley players certainly disgraced themselves today.