In a sensational game at Batley, Servicing defeated Advocacy in a thrilling match, which left all the Batley Bulldogs fans wishing they drove up the road another 100 yards.

Servicing batted first, and self selected captain Abdul fell despite a rapid start from Shazahad, Sohail Chunura bowling him. Shazahad delivered some explosive batting and retired quickly, before Arfan Mahmood ripped through the middle order picking up three wickets in two overs. Servicing stumbled to 79-8, before traitors Nathan and Simon mustered six runs before a wild swing from Nathan resulted in him being bowled by Pankaj who bowled 2-1-1-1. This brought Shazahad back to the crease who left nothing to chance destroying the dejected Zubair, who failed to show his league cricket class with the ball. Off the last ball of the innings Simon was comically run out, stumbling down the track in desperation, leaving Advocacy requiring 127 to win.

Arfan and Zubair got the innings started with Zubair playing some classy strokes. Arfan was then dismissed, before David joined the show and batted very sensibly. Parandeep then swung before being bamboozled for 3, and Raj and Sohail fell shortly after. With the run rate increasing, it was time for a captains innings, and Matthew Brown walked out assertively in his whites. A minute later he was walking back towards us, as the bowling was “terrible, you had no idea where it was going” in his words. This brought Peter Gregory to the crease who started his innings with some gardening and nice drives, before David retired bringing Jamie to the crease. With overs running out Arfan decided the batters needed an update, and waddled out at breakneck speed to give some motivational words, before trotting back with a grin spread across his face. However despite some good batting from Pete and Jamie, Advocacy fell 7 runs short of Servicing’s total, however they had a moral victory as they were not all out, meaning their opener didn’t return, as Servicing’s did. Also Simon’s chucking will now be investigated by the ICC. He is asked to report to their headquarters in Dubai next week.