Violence has long been a problem on the pitch in football, with many clubs recieving hefty fines for the inability to control their players. In the football league, this is easy enough with every match televised and numerous camera angles to view the footage.

However, in non-league football this is a different story, as you’re lucky to have one camera at the ground and this makes it very difficult for the FA to place fines and suspensions on players and clubs. This means they are often  relying on the referee and his assistants, who can all easily miss something. This was highlighted recently in a match just this week between Ramsbottom and Buxton, in which a fracas broke out late on. One thing the officials missed was a kick on one of the players by a member of the coaching staff, but luckily there was a camera that picked this up, and hopefully this will lead to a touch line suspension. However without a camera this would have been missed, and the FA need to do something about this. Obviously, you can never completely wipeout violence, but there should be an extra eye off the pitch to pick up on something missed by the referee, and this needs to be put in place by the FA. 

Violence on the football pitch so often dominates the headlines, despite wonderfully entertaining matches being played elsewhere, and this needs to stop. The only way to stop this happening is to hand out hefty suspensions, and there needs to be a fourth official who sits in the stands so that there is an extra view on the action, otherwise handing out suspensions may not always be possible.

Please feel free to comment and leave your views on how violence on the pitch can be prevented in non-league football below.