Through New Balance football on Facebook I got the chance to ask Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp a question at the launch of the 2016/17 third kit. My question to Jurgen was how enjoyable is it being manager of Liverpool football club, and what are your targets for the upcoming season? Unfortunately only the first part of my question was read out to him, but you can read his response below:

JK: I think I answered the question already, during the season I don’t think a lot of times what an easy life, so it’s quite busy the whole year that’s how it is, so yes I enjoy it of course, that’s why we are here, that’s why we will stay here for a while. But it’s not the main thing I think about during the season if it’s easy to enjoy, am I having the best time of my life or really something like this, it’s really most of the time it’s work, and in circumstances all the stuff around is creating structures, it’s a lot of things to do next to the pitch but it’s the influence on the pitch, that’s why we are doing it. It’s not because we think they (the players) have 24 hours my they train two times (for) two hours, so let’s fill the other twenty, no it’s because we think it will help the club in the present and in the future, so I really love what I do and I’m really happy I can do this at Liverpool.

You can watch the question and answer from 15:45 onwards: